Updates and errata

Table of Updates (2016-2018)

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Seasonal forecasts

Seasonal forecasts, including national and global probabilistic forecasts of temperature, precipitation, sea surface temperature, snow water equivalent, surface solar radiation, cloud fraction and specific humidity, are available

CMIP5 Graphics and Tables

The table of projected changes in precipitation for June-August have been updated (specifically for RCP 8.5, 75th percentile). This affects all users who have referred to this table prior to February 12 2016.

CMIP5 Graphics and Tables and CMIP5 Gridded Data The variables, sea ice thickness, sea ice concentration, snow depth, and near-surface wind speed, are available. 2016-April
CMIP5 Graphics and Tables Maps, time series plots and tables of projected annual change in temperature, precipitation, snow depth, sea ice concentration, sea ice thickness and wind speed are available. 2016-October
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